The ZombieStickz® Lionfish Eliminator comes in a variety of custom lengths up to 72″ shaft length.  It comes in two colors, black and a Custom Limited Edition white/blood splatter scheme.

Help clear the reefs of the invasive Lionfish species with a spear specially designed for eliminating them. Inspired by Lobster Laboratory, this ZombieStickz® Eliminator is solid white with a custom blood splatter paint scheme. Our spears are hand crafted here in the USA.

Lionfish are not only easy targets, they delicious as well.

  • Shafts are quality 1/2″ diameter solid fiberglass with great weight.
  • Butt type is Hawaiian Sling, anodized, with a 16″ Lionfish Sling attached (replaceable)
  • Standard Collar is 6mm male and adapts to any 6mm spear tip.  Optionally a 5/16-18″ female tip is available by request.
  • Standard available shaft lengths are 24″ and 36″. Contact us directly for a custom length, (under 48″, no additional cost. Lengths over 48″ additional charge)
  • Color is black or white with custom blood spatter paint scheme.
  • Hand crafted in the U.S.A
  • Package includes ZombieStickz® Eliminator Lionfish Spear and sling.  No tip included.