Brown Trout

Brown Trout are native to Europe and Asia and, like Rainbows, became naturalized in Tennessee through stocking. They are typically found in lower elevation streams, often coexisting with Rainbow Trout.

They spawn in the fall between October and November, and juveniles emerge in February or March. Common in about 25 wild streams, Brown Trout offer the best opportunity to catch a trophy trout in Tennessee.  Tennessee’s wild Brown Trout can live twice as long and attain much greater sizes than either Rainbow or Brook trout.


Additional Information

Identification:  Brown to yellowish body color.  Large dark spots and reddish dots, many having halos.  Slightly forked tail with no spots.

State Record:  28 lbs, 12 oz. (Clinch River)

Tennessee Angler Recognition Program: minimum 26 inches

Fishing Tips:  Young Brown Trout feed mostly on aquatic insects, small crayfish and minnows.  Adults will feed on fish, crayfish, rodents, and salamanders.  Large browns tend to feed during low light conditions and after dark.  Typical trout baits and lures work for Brown Trout, but slightly larger tackle may help catch trophy sized fish.

[This information from the Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency: Trout Fishing in Tennessee]