Your Mission:   Should you choose to accept it!

  • Do you have what it takes to be one of our pros?
  • Do you have a tireless dedication to the sport of fishing
  • Are you every fishes worst nightmare
  • Are you the reckoning force at every tournament
  • Do you work hard and play harder

First we would like to thank you for everything you do for the ZombieStickz brand.  We are truly fortunate to have such a wonderful group of anglers make up our pro-staff program. We are bringing more organization to our pro-staff/brand ambassador programs. Below you will find everything you need to be a successful brand ambassador, as well as any criteria for maintaining the expectations we have for our pro-staff members. WHAT IT MEANS TO BE A PRO-STAFF MEMBER Our pro-staff and brand ambassadors are made up of anglers from different areas of the country.  As an ambassador to our brand, you are expected to field test (use or wear our products) when they are applicable to the activity you are participating in.  You are the face to our brand and you should conduct yourself in a professional and respectful manner at all times.  We worked hard to make our brand and we take pride in our brand, we expect our pro-staff to take pride in our brand as well. EXPECTATIONS As brand ambassadors there are certain things that are required for you to maintain your pro-staff status.

  1. We require activity on at least one of the following social media outlets: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube
  2. A minimum of 2 specific Creek Time Outfitters/J.B. Weiss Rod Co./ZombieStickz social media posts per month. (Sharing one of our posts DOES NOT count towards your 2 post monthly minimum)
  3. Participation in 3 tournaments per year.  Contact us for tournament criteria.
  4. Since the primary tool of an angler is a fishing rod, we require our logo displayed in a prominent location on the front of your fishing jersey, in a size that is easily read and identifiable. Art work is provided at the request of the pro-staff member.  Our logo/brand is trade marked as a registered trademark with the US Patent Office, some conditions apply and we reserve all our rights when it comes to our logo, how it is used and displayed, and the colors used.  Contact us if you have any questions.
  5. We require our logo to be displayed and included on wraps for vehicles (boats, tow vehicles, or other trailers, tents, coolers, etc., where any other advertising takes place or is presented) that is utilized for tournament purposes. Guidelines for location remain the same, we require a prominent, visible location on all items.


  • Pro-staff (Professional Sponsorship) – Pro anglers who are currently active in regional or national tournaments and are looking to add Creek Time Outfitters/J.B. Weiss Rod Co./ZombieStickz® as their exclusive fishing rod sponsor.
  • Brand Ambassador (Affiliate Pro) – Fishing guides, fishing clubs, bloggers, dive masters, charter captains/boats or other Creek Time Outfitters/J.B. Weiss Rod Co./ZombieStickz® professional supporters that would seek some level of product support.
  • Junior (Collegiate or High School Teams) –  Young Professionals or Teams that want to fish Creek Time Outfitters/J.B. Weiss Rod Co./ZombieStickz® products and are looking for product support which includes the use of company logo and a product allowance in return for brand and product support via appearances, contests and media formats, including social media outlets.

We receive many inquires for sponsorship annually, and only have limited positions to fill. Actively posting on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube) are very important to us. People that have a strong fan base with engaging content will have a higher chance of being selected. Below we  outlined the application process and set some guidelines concerning what we’re looking for you to submit. WHAT WE NEED TO GET STARTED If you are interested in seeking a sponsorship, please gather at a minimum the information in the list below.

  • Full name and contact information (mailing address, phone and email)
  • Sponsorship Type (Pro, Pro-Staff, Rep or Junior)
  • Tell us about yourself and why you want to join our team
  • Fishing skills, areas of expertise and main area or region you typically fish
  • All events, tournaments (include what you placed), clubs or affiliations you are involved in
  • List what social media you use and if you have a website (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and include the links
  • Submit any other links, articles, interviews that you’ve either written or been written about
  • Provide what you are looking for (monetary or product support) from us.

SOCIAL MEDIA GUIDELINES Social Media is a very powerful promotional tool.  When posting about Creek Time Outfitters/Angry Beaver Fly Rods/J.B. Weiss Rod Co./ZombieStickz, please use one of the following key words in  your post.

  • Angry Beaver Fly Rods
  • #angrybeaverflyrods
  • ZombieStickz®
  • #zombiestickz
  • @ZombieStickz
  • J.B.Weiss Rod Co.
  • #jbweissrods
  • @weissrods

In addition, you may also tag the following.

  • Creek Time Outfitters
  • #creektimeoutfitters
  • @CreekTimeOutfitters

PRO-STAFF INCENTIVES Once accepted as pro-staff/brand ambassadors you will be eligible for generous discounts on custom J.B. Weiss/Angry Beaver Fly Rods/ZombieStickz® Eliminator pole spears and fishing rods for your specified application.  Discounts on our full catalog of gear is also available at a lesser rate.  Keep an eye out for additional incentives that you may receive throughout the year.  Top pro-staff members will be generously rewarded in the form of additional product and other fishing goodies. In cases where a brand ambassador is directly responsible for product sales, 10% of the total sales will be passed back to the pro-staff member at the end of the calendar year.  Contact us for more details and specifics.


Sponsored Fishing Teams, Organizations, and Events



To become an authorized retailer, partner, or to inquire about sponsorship opportunities please review our Ambassador Program information and contact us directly.